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A visit to a Holy Place or a Darshan of a Guru should change the life of a devotee by coming out of their personal desires. A devotee will only absorb the holy energy from a Guru or in a Holy Place by involving themselves in any kind of seva.


Bhiksha (annadhanam) is the best of all merits, offering food for the needy is a divine service made for all livings beings. As a part of it Ashram does Bhiksha (annadhanam) on every Thursdays, Pournami (full moon day) & Amavasya (no moon day).

Guru Charithra Parayanas are performed 365 days in the process of Sapthaha ( starting from every Thursday & completes on every Wednesday ).


Yajnam is a Vedic ritual performed for the removal of sins and negative energy to fulfill ones Material or Spiritual
deeds. The ritual is a symbolic representation of the cosmology, a link between reality and the worlds of gods and living beings. Maharaj performs Yajnam monthly once on important occasions during which the sins are burnt away and the atmosphere is filled with the vibration of Lord Dattatreya which incites the intellect towards the performance of good deeds .

Large number of devotees also takes place in doing parayanas & performing spiritual activities like bhajans , doing yajnam & perform poojas in this holy place . 

Devotional books likes Sree Guru Charithra , Datta Puranam , Sreepada Vallabha Charithra , Sree Guru Gita are all available in Ashram . 

For the accomodation of the rooms , performing Bhiksha ( annadhanams ) in the name of oneself or to perform Parayanas in the name of oneself or to know the details for the Yajnam performed by Maharaj or to know the availability you can contact the Ashram .