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About Swamiji

Dattatreya considered to be the great incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva , collectively known as Trimurti . Dattatreya is an embodiment of Trimurti . Dattatreya is known as Adi Guru for the living energy . (to Know more...)


Excellently planned and splendidly executed by Avadhuta Sree Shivananda Maharaj near the rivers of Bheema and Amarja called
sangam at Deval Ganagapur , Karnataka . The place where
Ashram is now situated is none other than the Varanasi Theertha or
Maha Theertha .


A visit to a Holy Place or a Darshan of a Guru should change the life of a devotee by coming out of their personal desires . A devotee will only absorb the holy energy from a Guru or in a Holy Place by involving themselves in any kind of seva .

Activites & Facilities in Ashram

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Over 100 Rooms for Devotees.

Over 100+ rooms are facilitated for the accommodation who will be visiting


Highness & Peaceful Dining Hall

Over 500+ sitting capacity of hygiene and peaceful dining hall facilitated for devotees.


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+91  9008 774 064 
+91 90 66 07 9999

D.No. 9/102, Near Sangam, D. GANAGAPUR, Afzalpur TQ., Kalaburagi (Gulbarga) Dist., Karnataka, India, 585 212

Sree Shivananda Maharaj Ashram


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