Sree Shivananda Maharaj

"Teacher and disciple both are fettered and bound
Neither peace nor liberation is easily found
Seek a guru free from earthly ties
Week and meek! To become strong and wise
the best of SHIVANANDA"

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Lord Dattatreya is an incarnation of  Trimurti - Brahma , Vishnu & Shiva . Lord Dattatreya is also known as AdiGuru and always resembles in Avadhuta state with his consort Anagha Devi. Lord Dattatreya had stated that his avataras will take place in Kaliyuga in 9 forms of incarnations called Datta Samparadaya are as follow :-


Sree Pada Sree Vallabha Swamy : Kurugaddi , Karnataka  

Sree Narasimha Saraswathi Swamy : Ganagapur , Karnataka 


Sree Swamy Samarth : Akkalkot , Maharashtra

Sree Manik Prabhu : Manik Nagar , Karnataka 


Sree Sai Baba : Shirdi , Maharashtra

Sree Gajanan Maharaj : Shegaon , Maharashtra


Tajuddin Baba : Nagpur , Maharashtra

Sant Siddeswar Gulab Baba : Sagar , Maharashtra


Avadhutha Sree Shivananda Maharaj : Ganagapur , Karnataka

Maharaj use to state in his preaching that an Avadhuta who is beyond consciousness & acts without consideration for standard social etiquettes . The speciality of an Avadhuta is that they remain , live like common people and it's very hard to recognise them . Avadhuthas are well known as SadGurus . Maharaj explained the meaning of Avadhuta as follows -

Aa - One who cannot be destroyed .

Va - One who balances practical & spiritual life .

Dhu - One who is released from all kind of strings attached to the material world . 

Ta - One who is beyond of four kinds of Ashramas - Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha     and Sannyasa known as Panchama Ashrama .

In the teachings of Maharaj , "a Guru means the one who is relieved from chains of desires, one who is released from consciousness of past deeds and only lives in present  without interference of past and  future, one who has a controlled heart, relinquished meditation and one who always rationalised on the real nature of soul & vanity". 

    Maharaj always gives priority to Sakthi & only believe in one kind of religion or caste that is seva . Maharaj spent all his life in doing sapthahas of Sree Guru Charithra in many places. Maharaj life was a open book devoted to Lord Dattatreya spreading the Datta Samparadaya in various ways -  speachs, bhajans & sapthahas with the  devotees.  

    Maharaj was the person who lead a normal life with family as a house houlder and made incredible teaching all his life. Maharaj dedicated his life in all aspects to Lord Dattatreya & pour his entire energy in the foundation of  "Sree Shivananda Maharaj Ashram.