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About Ashram :

Excellently planned and splendidly executed by Avadhuta Sree Shivananda Maharaj near the rivers of Bheema and Amarja called Sangam at Ganagapur , Karnataka . The place where Ashram is now situated is none other than the Varanasi Theertha or Maha Theertha . Ashram is situated on the river banks of Bheema & Amarja which flows towards North called Utthara Vahini . The major attraction of this place chosen as from the ancient times Sree Narasimha Saraswati Swamy use to visit this place and rest briefly under the shade of sacred Panch Audumbar in Ashram on the way to sangam .

Sree Guru Charitra was written by Sree Vasudevananda Saraswati popularly known as Tembe Swamy . It is said that some chapters of Sree Guru Charitra was written under the divine Panch Audumbar

In visitation of Ganagapur  Sant Siddeshwar Gulab Baba was strongly attracted to the  Panch Audumbar place & foretell to his devotees about a Huge Project would come up in near future . 

Avadhuta Sree Shivananda Maharaj once stated that the day I no longer be seen that would be the day this Panch Audumbar looses its life too and that did happen when  Avadhuta Sree Shivananda Maharaj left his last breath . 

Maharaj made sure the Ashram never holds a Hundi as money is not what will make u loose your sins , it's the journey how you maintain your belief in God .  


A large statue of 54 feet Abhaya Veera Anjaneya Hanuman was constructed in the entrance of the Ashram.  

For the convenience of the devotees accommodations are also made by construction of a lofty building containing of 90 rooms with all the modern amenities called as Bhakta Nivas

Bhakta Nivas

An epic hall for food serving at a stretch of 200 members well known as Annakshetram is also constructed .

A sarene Prayer Hall with all kinds of worship facilities to perform like bhajans, parayanas , meditation with pleasant vibrations have been constructed . 


A Dormertry which can bear 500 people with large halls . 

A large Vedic Ghat was constructed for performing holy bath in Sangam along with the  Navanath Temples.


Peacefully resting Sree Lakshmi Narayana Swamy statue near the Vedic Ghat .

Still 54 feet Subramanya Swamy statue is on under construction at the entrance of the Ashram. The Dattatreya temple facing towards Panch Audumbar is on under construction & also Nakshatra Vanam belonging to each Nakshatra , Raashi Vanam belonging to each Raashi and Nava Graha Vanam belonging to each Nava Graha are to be planted , a large shed of 1000 members capacity for Spiritual activities & also Ghoshala are under construction.

Finally a unique Project had been started in the hands of Maharaj named Anagha Dattatreya Project .