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An appeal to devotees
Sree Shivananda Maharaj Ashram providing all facilities for devotees


Bhakthi Nivas

For the convenience of the devotees accommodations are also made by construction of a lofty building containing of 90 rooms with all the modern amenities



An epic hall for food serving at a stretch of 200 members.


Prayer Hall

A sarene Prayer Hall with all kinds of worship facilities to perform like bhajans , parayanas , meditation.



A Dormertry which can bear 500 people with large halls.

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Panch Audumbar 

Narasimha Saraswati Swamy use to visit this place and rest briefly under the shade of holy Panch Audumbar in Ashram on the way to sangam .Sree Guru Charitra was written by Sree Vasudevananda Saraswati popularly known as Tembe Swamy . It is said that some chapters of Sree Guru Charitra was written under the divine Panch Audumbar .


Vedic Ghat 

A large Vedic Ghat was constructed for performing holy bath in Sangam along with the Nine Navanath Temples.


Holy Garden

Nakshatra Vanam belonging to each Nakshatra , Raashi Vanam belonging to each Raashi and Nava Graha Vanam belonging to each Nava Graha.


Anagha Dattatreya Project

An unique & colossal project comprising 108 Stupas & other great seers

    A large statue of 54 feet Abhaya Veera Anjaneya Hanuman , Anagha Dattatreya, Atri Muni , Anasuya Devi , Saraswati  Devi , Smartha Ram  Das , Chhatrapati Shivaji & others was constructed in the entrance of the Ashram .

    The chief aim of all these activities is to help devotees of all traditions who earnestly seek the ultimate truth , to provide them a comfortable , peaceful & divine abode for their Sadhana . Do Parayanas ( reading holy books ) , Japas ( chanting sacred mantras ) , Meditation or other spiritual practices you are comfortable with at Ashram & get the supreme spiritual benefit as well as worldly success . Become a part of the divine plan of Sree Shivananda Maharaj Ashram .


Sree Shivananda Maharaj Ashram 9/102 , Sangam Rd , Ganagapur , Afzalpur TQ , Kalaburagi ( Gulbarga ) DIST ., Karnataka , INDIA - 585212 

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Contact :  (+91) 9008774064 , (+91)  9066079999 .